As the line between online and offline diminishes, fashion shopping in today’s world is a multi-dimensional experience. Upholding this nature of the fast-changing world, we are “connecting the dots” of the industry to offer you a one-stop destination for all consumer and business aspirations in fashion. Our major initiatives include OGIN77, distribution of premium fashion brands, online wholesale store and luxury leather products.


An initiative to bring products directly from “Design Table to End-Customer”, OGIN77 is launched exclusively for retail via trade fairs, e -commerce, virtual expos, and outlets. In collaboration with premium brands across the globe, OGIN77 offers “Big Brands at Aggressive Prices”!

Trade Fairs

OGIN77 Exhibitions and OGIN77 Warehouse Sales are organized in various shopping centers across the city. The trade fair offers attractive discounts up to 77 percent on premium global brands.

E -Commerce

OGIN77 Online Store organizes virtual expos and flash sales and has the most stunning collection of luxury brands at best price ever.


OGIN77 Retail Store offers the most exciting off-price retail store experience with an expanding product range in line and wholehearted “Customer First” approach.


Interdev fashion is a distributor of premium fashion brands in the region with high market penetration.


Interdev Fashion manages two premium fashion houses for “heritage” brands in leather products – Ferulle and Shuaat. Ferrulle and Shuaat are leading fashion houses based in New York specializing in the design and sale of high-fashion leather products such as shoes, belts, wallets, purses, bags and other accessories.